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Lemon Curd: A NOVEL

Revised Edition

“If he said white, she would say black, would they ever be able to speak two sentences in a row without fighting?”


Lemon Curd is a romantic fiction set in Los Angeles and London. After years of working long hours in the hopes of becoming a partner at a leading marketing firm, the last thing Anna Lisa Gibson expects is to be forced to share her important client with a Brit from their London office. She finds him rude, arrogant and disagreeable.


With high profile clients to his credit, Neil Scott Whitaker never had any difficulties getting along with women until he meets Anna Lisa. He finds her uptight, unpleasant, and impossible to work with. But as the two get to know each other, they start to become friends. Except that Neil has a lot more than friendship in mind. Although he and Anna Lisa had a bad start, he can’t control his attraction toward her, and he wonders what it would feel like to spend one night with his officemate.


“An addictive yarn that will likely be devoured in one sitting.” Norman Goldman, Book Pleasures

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