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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Anna Lisa Gibson, and I'm a fictional character in Homa Pourasgari's novel, Lemon Curd. Homa wrote this book as a romantic fiction, and I suppose I have to trust her judgement. I hope that things will get better for me soon. But for now, I have decided to rant in my journal because I'm so mad that I could scream.


Entry 566

I've been working at Howard Brown's marketing firm for almost seven years when suddenly my boss expects me to share my client with an Englishman from our London office? Oh, I don't think so...

Entry 581

I can't stand him. Today, he told me that he came here to help me out and we got into a fight. Imagine that! Him helping me out. As if I even need his stupid help. I've been working all these long hours at the office, and this is the thanks I get? What was Simon thinking, making us work together. Jane Olson is my client. I found her. I don't want to share her with him. It's not fair.

Entry, 596

Well, a month has passed. I'm getting used to him. I guess he's okay. We've been sharing my office. The other day, he bought me pastry. That was totally unexpected. I don't really care for his fiancée, though. She's kind of snooty. My boyfriend thinks she is stunning. I was kind of jealous when he said that. Well, I'm kind of tired and need to go to sleep. If you're reading my journals, please do me a favor and go check out my sister books. Thanks.

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