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Hi. My name is Homa Pourasgari and I'm the author of Lemon Curd. I wrote the first edition of Lemon Curd long ago. I always wanted to come back to this novel and make some changes. It was the first book that I wrote, and I think I have come a long way since then. I work really hard to bring a good product to the market, so that readers can have a pleasant experience.

   I am retiring the first edition of Lemon Curd. So, if you have a signed copy, keep it. Maybe someday it will become a rare book. I still have some left in my inventory which I will bring to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and other book fairs, in case anyone wants a first edition.

   I will come back to this blog, but it will be awhile because I still need to publish a trade paperback of this edition, and I'm working on the revised edition of my second book.

   Please be patient while this website is being built. And in case you're wondering what is Lemon Curd and what does it taste like, it's a spread like jam except that it's sour and sweet with a silky creamy texture, and tastes  decadent on the tongue. You should try it at least once. Wilkin & Sons brand is my favorite.

All the best to all my readers. Until next time.

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