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Pourasgari’s work is the kind of story romantic movies are made of. There is a lot of energy and heart that comes through the chapters, and you will want to finish this one to find out how it ends. The author seems to be a born storyteller, with a talent for entertaining. The writing is fresh, vibrant, and well-paced. The author adds tension to Anna and Neil’s situation by having them already in a relationship even before they meet. The plot is engaging, and you are immediately into the story from the first few lines. Overall, “Lemon Curd” by Homa Pourasgari is a well-rounded, classic example of modern romantic drama.

Tammy Ruggles, ReaderViews

"I really enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down. The characters were rich and interesting and the plot line was really suspenseful--were they going to get together or were they not going to get together!  Gosh, if that Starter Wife can be made into a TV mini, so can this book.  It has all the elements--I also loved the way she described the various environmental situations--Brentwood, jogging, restaurants--around L.A. the English Tea shop, and of course, lemon curd! Thanks a mill for the book, it certainly has enriched my reading intake!!!!!" -Jackie Harless-Chang, Los Angeles, CA

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your first book. It was a nice romantic novel easy to read." -Nazy Maughn, London, UK

"Bonjour Homa. Thanks for your fantastic book. We enjoyed reading it and will await your next novel. Merci encore." -Ghazaleh & Ahmad,  Paris, France

​​"This book was recommended by a friend of mine, Afsaneh, and when I read the detail of the story from the back of the cover, it sounded like a romance story that I have read or seen on the big screen. It was a nice surprise to read this book and not wanting to put it down, It was very well written and easy to follow. I love to read romantic novels but I really like the ones that are real and not a fantasy. I hope to see more books from you." -Hoda Shahinfar, Woodland Hills , CA

"Lemon Curd is a fun, modern romance set in Los Angeles and London. Pourasgari develops her characters in several ways.  She makes good use of descriptions and events to reveal details. Most importantly, the characters feel real. The dialogue between Anna Lisa and Neil is snappy and fast-paced. These are smart, witty people who are used to being the best at everything.  This shows in some of their verbal spats. Lemon Curd is a fun novel that asks a few serious questions about our society. The main characters are likeable and well-crafted, and the dialogue is funny. Overall, it is a very enjoyable debut novel. And it makes you want to eat some Lemon Curd." -Cynthia Murphy, Los Angeles, CA

"A heart-warming glimpse into the life of Anna Lisa Gibson and her lifelong struggle to find herself. Lemon Curd is jam-packed with drama, comedy and love. Anna Lisa, a prominent businesswoman, is stunned when she finds out that she must work with an Englishman who is completely oblivious to the Los Angeles lifestyle. Enriched with culture, love and deceit, Lemon Curd is entertaining and manages to surprise the reader and leave them wanting more. Its funny moments and quirky dialogue distinguish the novel, making it more than worth a read." -Arya, Los angeles, CA

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